The Cure is Conversation ...Looking for love? Find it without the games a interview with Melanie Yates

QueenB.Divine - The Cure is Conversation

4d ago • 37 mins

Welcome to the new season of The Cure is conversation 2023


What is the most important thing  Melanie Yates learned in her life, what was her life like before and after learning that?

What is the secret to creating boundaries in relationships?

What advice would you give someone struggling with anxiety, depression and overwhelming stress?

Join QueenB.Divine and Melanie Yates as they explore through conversation .....the insights just may surprise you.

Melanie Yates has mastered how to neutralize the pain of emotions that keep us stuck or hinder us from moving forward into change.

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In this episode :

Empowerment: How you can  contribute to making lasting friendships

Calm-mercials ...(A QueenB.  original) a moment to reflect on the great insights

Flash back - a peak into season ONE & more

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Are you ready? Do you have room for new? Have you made space for all new positivity in your life ?

Join QueenB.Divine as she share her insight to stay healthy and ready for 2023

A kick start before the new Podcast of The Cure is Conversation begins a new in 2023

JUNCTION -  INTER-MIND-VENTION (The Book) OUT now get yours @ Available @ Amazon or at In this video QueenB.Divine shares insights to help be the best version of you.

Meet QueenB.Divine who is passionate about Mental Health, because of her own personal journey and understands that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy.

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