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A podcast for all ancient history fans! The Ancients is dedicated to discussing our distant past. Featuring interviews with historians and archaeologists, each episode covers a specific theme from antiquity. From Neolithic Britain to the Fall of Rome. Hosted by Tristan Hughes. read less


Noah's Ark and the Flood
Noah's Ark and the Flood
The Ancients launches a new miniseries exploring the stories, people, objects and kingdoms central to the Old Testament's narrative. There was only one place to start and it's not "In the beginning..."The story of the Flood in the Book of Genesis is well known, where God conjured up a great flood to kill off all of humanity for their wicked behaviour. Except for Noah, whom God ordered to construct a massive boat and fill it with 2 of every animal. When the flood came, Noah, his family and the animals survived on board the Ark.The story of Noah and the Ark is not only embedded in the Bible, however, but it's also central to parts of the Quran and central to Judaism. The origins of the story stretch way back beyond the Old Testament to Mesopotamia.Tristan Hughes heads to the British Museum to explore this Mesopotamian myth with Dr Irving Finkel who made a discovery which turned the world of Assyriology - and his life - on its head. They discuss who was Noah to the Mesopotamians? What did they do with the animals? And what was the shape and design of THIS great ark?This episode was presented by Tristan Hughes. The producer was Joseph Knight, edited by Peter Dennis and Aidan Lonergan. Enjoy unlimited access to award-winning original documentaries that are released weekly and AD-FREE podcasts. Get a subscription for £1 per month for 3 months with code ANCIENTS - sign up here.Vote for The Ancients in the Listeners Choice category of British Podcast Awards here.You can take part in our listener survey here.