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Kristi Lee

Explore some of the most heinous, controversial, heartbreaking and thought-provoking true crime cases in Canadian history with Kristi Lee, an Australian who has been living in Canada for 12 years.

Utilizing facts curated from court documents, trial reporting and news archives, Kristi takes you through each story from beginning to end, with a look at the way the media covered the crime and the impact it had on the community.

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117 The Death of Darcy Allan Sheppard—Part 5
117 The Death of Darcy Allan Sheppard—Part 5
[ Part 5 of 6 ] After the court proceeding comes to a close, things continue to snowball, leading Darcy Allan Sheppard's loved ones and supporters to press harder for the truth. Review the available evidence*:WATCH: The Surveillance Footage at the mid-block pedestrian crosswayMichael Bryant's book 28 Seconds states: "It was Darcy Sheppard who, moments later, drove within inches of my driver’s-side door, as our Saab was stopped a little farther west on Bloor Street at an intersection near Avenue Road. It was Darcy Sheppard who then pulled directly in front of our car and spun his bike around to confront us, sneering at me. “Now what’re ya gonna do?”WATCH: Eyewitness statements and 911 call audioREAD:   Collision Reconstruction ReportREAD:   Transcript from May 25 2010 Court Proceeding* Remember - none of it has been proven in court (crown or defence)Media referenced in this episode:WATCH: Michael Bryant's interview with Amanda Lang on CBC READ: Toronto Life article Michael Bryant's bad year by Leah McLaren WATCH: The Agenda with Steve Paikin - Michael Bryant WATCH: The Agenda with Steve Paikin - Allan SheppardAD-FREE episodes are available via our Premium FeedsSign up via Apple Podcasts, Patreon or Supercast Full list of resources and information sources and credits:See the page for this episode at canadiantruecrime.caCredits:Research and production assistance: Haley GrayAudio editing: Eileen MacfarlaneResearch, writing, sound design: Kristi LeeTheme by We Talk of DreamsDisclaimer voiced by the host of True Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
112 The Murder of Helen Betty Osborne—Part 3
112 The Murder of Helen Betty Osborne—Part 3
[Part 3 of 3]  In 1971, Indigenous high school student Helen Betty Osborne was abducted  and brutally murdered near The Pas, Manitoba.When Betty’s body was found hours later at nearby Clearwater Lake, it was clear she had been the victim of a heinous crime. But it would take many, many years for the truth of what really happened to Betty to come to light—ultimately exposing the depths of racial injustice in the small town.Crisis Line for Indian Residential School SurvivorsFor CRISIS SUPPORT 24/7 call 1-800-721-0066Current unsolved #MMIWG cases from The Pas and surrounding areas:Amanda Sophia Bartlett, 18Elizabeth Mae Dorion, 44Josephine Martin, 58Kendara Ballantyne, 18Also: Morris Linklater, 18 year old male went missing in September of 2020Take Action - No More Stolen SistersRead the 2021 campaign guideMore resourcesReport of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of ManitobaRead the full reportKey sections: Historical Overview, Treaty Rights, Helen Betty OsborneCanadian True Crime donates monthly to help those facing injustice.This month we have donated to:Indian residential school survivors societyCredits:Research and writing, narration, sound design: Kristi LeeSpecial thanks to Charlie from CrimelinesAudio editing: We Talk of Dreams Disclaimer voiced by the host of TrueFull list of credits and information sourcesSee the applicable page for each episode at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.