0 - WELCOME to Duet or Don't: a Live Songwriting Challenge

Duet or Don't: The Live Songwriting Challenge

27-01-2021 • 4 mins

Hello and welcome to Duet or Don’t! The show where a different songwriter and I write and record a brand new song from scratch live in your ears every week! My name is Liam aka Baby Molly. In this show, myself and a guest will be having a quick little chat about how we’re feeling right now, what’s on our mind, what’s bugging us in our lives & in the world, then coming up with an entire, brand new song! We have a 2-hour time limit to get from “Hi, how are you?” to a finished & recorded song.

We’ll be sharing our process with you along the way, why does this kick drum remind me of my high-school bully? Why does the G-Major chord make me feel sad & nostalgic? Is the lyric “Howdy, girl” an ironic postmodern take on existential phenomenology and feminism? Then, we’ll listen to the song together and decide if it’s horrible or amazing, do we love it or hate it, AKA DUET or Don’t?

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