2 - "Ring The Bells" with Ruth Fawcett

Duet or Don't: The Live Songwriting Challenge

15-02-2021 • 39 mins

In this episode, Ruth Fawcett and Baby Molly discuss the struggle between art & capitalism as well as an inspirational quote from one Ruth's favourite books. From this, they end up writing a song about the light that shines through the cracks during dark times. Ruth and Baby Molly climb the church steps to "Ring the Bells" for all to hear. Is it a hit? Do they love it or hate it? Find out the answer to the ultimate question: DUET or DON'T?

Hosted by Liam Morrison, AKA Baby Molly, each week a new songwriter collaborates with them on a brand new song, writing it from scratch live on the podcast. After the timer runs out, the song has to be presented as is to the listening audience and the writers have to decide: Duet or Don’t?

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