Andy Bromberg, CEO of Eco - Putting your money back to work for you

Wharton FinTech Podcast

24-11-2022 • 25 mins

Tarang Gupta hosts Andy Bromberg, CEO of Eco, a consumer fintech company that lets you spend, send, save, and make money, all in one app. In this episode you will hear about - Building an open rewards system - Working towards maximizing wealth of the community - Navigating market cycles in crypto - Choosing the right investors and colleagues And much more! About Andy Bromberg Prior to joining Eco as the CEO, Andy was Co-founder and President of CoinList, a leading platform for token sales, trading, and other financial services for digital asset projects. Andy is also a founding board member at FreeWorld, a non-profit seeking to end institutionalized poverty in the United States by providing access to living-wage jobs for people with criminal histories. Andy studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Stanford University and co founded the Stanford Bitcoin Group. About Eco Eco is a digital wallet that is replacing checking accounts, credit cards, and more with a single balance that rewards you each time you make a transaction. The app uses Eco Points, a new rewards currency that helps align the interest of everyone in the Eco community. For more FinTech insights, follow us on WFT Medium: WFT Twitter: WFT Instagram: Tarang’s Twitter: Tarang’s LinkedIn: