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Double Tap is the show where blind people talk tech! If you’re blind or partially sighted and have an interest in technology, this is the show for you. Everyone is welcome no matter how old you are or how much or how little experience you have with technology. Each week the team will help you better understand how technology can help your everyday life, even if you have little or no sight. Join the conversation and add your voice to the show either by calling in, sending an email or leaving us a voicemail! Email: Phone: 1-877-803-4567 read less

Steven's Next Computer & Virtual Assistants
Steven's Next Computer & Virtual Assistants
Today on the show, Steven and Shaun discuss some of the big news stories coming out of CSUN's big assistive technology conference taking place in California. There's lots of excitement around the announcement from Orbit Research, who have partnered with AccesMind, to produce a new type of computer for blind people with a QWERTY keyboard and 40-cell Braille display built in. It's called the Optima and is completely configurable before and after purchase. It's likely to be Steven's next computer but will it be his last? Also, there's even more excitement around ChatGPT than usual following Open AI's announcement of the upgrade to version 4, which lets users scan images and get results from them. For example, being able to take a picture of the contents of your fridge and then have Open AI offer you a recipe of what you could make with those contents. The blind community is equally excited as Open AI has partnered with the popular app Be My Eyes to create a new Virtual Assistant in the app, allowing you to check the colour and design of a piece of clothing, up to searching a menu for specific things. And they're not alone. Envision AI is also showing off at CSUN this year their new feature upgrade coming soon that will embed ChaptGPT capabilities into their smart glasses. All this news and more plus your feedback on today's busy show. Email us with your feedback - email or call 1-877-803-4567 and leave us a voicemail. You can also find us across social media @DoubleTapOnair.