John Paasonen, Co-Founder & CEO of Maxwell - Game-changing solutions for local mortgage lenders

Wharton FinTech Podcast

13-02-2023 • 29 mins

Tarang Gupta hosts John Paasonen, Co-Founder & CEO of Maxwell, a digital mortgage platform providing tech solutions to mortgage lending institutions across the US. In this episode you will hear about - Complexities creating inefficiencies in the mortgage industry - Why John chose to focus on small to midsize lenders - Maxwell's decision to enter the secondary market for mortgage loans - The rising startup ecosystem in Denver And much more! About John Paasonen John the Co-Founder and CEO of Maxwell. He is a fintech industry veteran with over 8 years of experience at PayPal and American Express. John founded Maxwell in 2015 after being frustrated with the mortgage process, and set about to modernize and inject transparency, equity, and efficiency into the mortgage process. John has a BA from Taylor University and an MBA from the Duke University. About Maxwell Founded in 2015, Maxwell was started to provide a better mortgage process for lenders and borrowers. Maxwell offers solutions that would help local mortgage lenders gain efficiency, streamline their processes, and focus on high-value work to grow their businesses and win against the industry’s largest players. For more FinTech insights, follow us on WFT Medium: WFT Twitter: WFT Instagram: Tarang’s Twitter: Tarang’s LinkedIn: