Nishantha On Modern Education, AI, And Creative Careers

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12-10-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Nishantha has ADHD and Dyslexia. He’s figured out how to make the most of my cognitive advantages while minimizing the challenges of dyslexic processing.

We talked about the weapons of mass instruction that make it challenging for many kids to succeed.

But we also talked about a lot of the areas that we are hopeful for schools and work to become more and more creative.

Future Proofing Education

We talked about what we think school will look like in the future?

Naturally there will be a transition away from school and work that is based on the needs and desires of the Industrial Revolution.

A lot of this Impact will come from the changes AI will make to education.

What’s awesome is teachers will be afforded to be more creative if we build schools with more common sense.

As we allow AI to help take away some of the repetitive, cognitive labor, teachers will become more and more like artists.

Once we can automate the learning of basic skills, like math, writing, history and geography, the only left is to teach with a very creative approach.

We also discussed whether we think kids will be going to post secondary school in 10, 15 years?

Creator Economy Careers

We talked about the need to scale the creator economy.

Society can get to a place where everyone works because they want to, in an area they are highly interested in. Almost like everyone could be retired in terms of comfortably meeting their basic needs.

We’re already headed in this direction.

The economy is building toward a bunch of small businesses. Entrepreneurship, and the one person business model will continue to take over to the point where we have a bunch of individual monopolies.

Memorable Quotes

“All human beings are teachers. That’s what we are.”

“Most work places and schools are created by neurotypical people for neurotypical people. At best we make accommodations and adjustments from these typical workflows. But what if we designed learning and working from a less typical lens?

“A.I. is both anxiety provoking and exciting.”

“Right now grades are celebrated, but in the future it will be more about the social emotional skills. How well can you interface with machines and human beings?”

Guest Bio

Nishantha is a family man first.

But he’s also an incredible podcaster, filmmaker and artist.

He’s also a public school teacher in Southern California.

One of his biggest passions is working with dyslexic teens and adults to help them turn dyslexia from a liability to one their biggest cognitive assets.

He created an online school called the How To Dyslexia Academy. Build the YouTube channel “How To Dyslexia” and created a private social network, the Dyslexia Community .

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