Dave Danna On Weight Loss, Mindset And Content Creation

Just Keep Learning

12-04-2024 • 1 hr 17 mins

Dave tells everything about no longer lying to himself in the mirror.

He talks about breaking his scale and realizing that he weighed well over 400 pounds.

How he set his sights on achieving big dreams and the fact that he is in act 1 of his 3 part hero’s journey.

We chatted about the fact that you’ll never feel “ready” if you’re waiting for your nerves to go away.

You just have to face your fears head on because they’re the only thing standing in your way.

Documenting The Process For Accountability

Dave has an incredible story of his journey on social media.

Dave tried many times to lose weight before, but the main thing that made a difference this time?

Documenting the process on social media.

That was the difference between this weight loss journey and all the others before.

We talked about the mixed reputation social media has and some of the pros and cons.

How to be authentic, how to create in a way true to you and the message you want to share.

Such a wild thing to hear how unexpected it was for him to become a social media influencer.

Tips For Your Own Weight Loss Journey

  1. Don’t over analyze the plan, mostly take action.
  2. Do things that make it more sustainable.
  3. Eat less bad foods and more healthy foods.
  4. Create some elements of accountability. If not social media, how do you keep yourself accountable?
  5. Make sure supportive people know what you’re up to and how to hold you accountable.
  6. Keep it lighthearted and fun as much as possible because it’s going to be serious in many other ways.
  7. The best exercises are ones that you’ll enjoy doing as much as possible.
  8. Choose a gym and times that you are comfortable with.
  9. Do what works for you that you can stick to.

Creating Content In The Gym

Dave shared how he decided to start filming and posting his workouts.

He talks about how scary it was at first. It did not come naturally at all.

It was like a whole year before he started to feel comfortable with using his camera in the gym.

Now that he’s done it a bunch of times he is much better and more comfortable.

Maybe a few people look, but really no one is paying attention to you.

Now he creates multiple pieces of content on his phone over the course of about three minutes during his workouts.

The main thing to keep in mind is being respectful and ethical toward everyone else in the gym.

Don’t do any filming or pictures in the locker room. And don’t get anyone in the backgrounds of your videos.

And remember that most people want to support you, so don’t give energy to the negative reactions, or comments.

Memorable Quotes

“Try things. Whether it's different diets, different exercises, different types of content creation, different platforms, different careers, different things in academia and education, different parts of the world to live in, just try more things”

"Man, now I’m gonna be the fat guy filming himself in planet fitness.”

“I don’t really know what to do except I don’t wanna get on the bad side of Joey Swoll in the gym. Haha.”

Guest Bio

“Life is good, Dave is fat. Aspiring supermodel. 30. Accountant. MBA Candidate.”

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