How To Steal Like An Artist Without Being A Thief

Just Keep Learning

19-10-2023 • 11 mins

If you copy artists you look up to enough you will shift from imitation to inspiration.

From copying to emulating. From emulating to making your own stuff

Then, and only then, you will start creating in your own voice.

How I would do this is by creating a quick steal list. Victim list is a bit harsh, especially because any great creator would be honored and thrilled for you to steal from them. But I think you get the idea. How I would do this is to make a list of six creators you look up to.

1. Find two people creating content in the medium you have chosen.
2. Two people creating on the platform you have chosen
3. And two people who share similar topics, or ideas you have chosen.

Steal some of their style, creative decisions and thought process as you start shipping your own work.

Austin Kleon covers this concept beautifully in his book titled “Steal Like An Artist”.

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