265 Soil Irrigation Basics

Garden Basics with Farmer Fred

12-05-2023 • 43 mins

Proper soil moisture is necessary for healthy plant growth. Do you know how moist your garden soil is right now? What are the easiest, best ways to determine the moisture level of your soil? How do you install a drip irrigation system on  a raised garden bed, which has a totally different moisture pattern than your in-ground garden? How do you pick a soil moisture meter or a soil probe? Don't forget that your choice of fertilizers plays a part in proper irrigation. And we talk with a Master Gardener about how to grow bush varieties of zucchini, vertically.  A great solution for the small space gardener.

It’s all in today’s episode 265, Soil Irrigation Basics. We’re podcasting from Barking Dog Studios here in the beautiful Abutilon Jungle in Suburban Purgatory. It’s the Garden Basics with Farmer Fred podcast, brought to you today by Smart Pots and Dave Wilson Nursery. Let’s go!

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Pictured: Moisture Meter, Soil Probe

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