257. Questions? Answers!

Garden Basics with Farmer Fred

17-03-2023 • 50 mins

Today, I’m joined by America’s Favorite Retired College Horticulture Professor, Debbie Flower, and we are going to spend the entire episode answering your garden questions. We will be going into mind-numbing detail as well as frivolous scenic bypasses over such queries as:

What’s the easiest way to apply fertilizer around fruit trees when the area is covered with mulch?  (1:24)

What are some lawn alternatives that are low maintenance and drought tolerant? (12:16)

Why aren’t my carrots sweet? Did the rain do that? (30:48)

And the question for which there is no definitive answer: How can I keep the squirrels out of my garden and orchard?  (36:58)

We’re podcasting from Barking Dog Studios here in the beautiful Abutilon Jungle in Suburban Purgatory. It’s the Garden Basics with Farmer Fred podcast, brought to you today by Smart Pots and Dave Wilson Nursery. Let’s go!

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Pictured: Squirrel, Birds

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