Preserving History and Protecting the Future with Gil Birmingham

The Official Yellowstone Podcast

12-12-2022 • 57 mins

Before recapping season 5 episode 6, Jen and Jefferson discuss “1923” the Yellowstone prequel that premieres Dec. 18 on Paramount+. Then Jen and Jefferson reflect on the loss of a beloved character during the gathering journey down Mount Chisolm. They also catch up on all the romances this season, from Jamie and Sarah’s frantic passion rooted in ulterior motives to Abby and Ryan’s love song. Meanwhile, Broken Rock Reservation faces a number of threats, including from within as Angela Blue Thunder props up a young political opponent for Chief Thomas Rainwater. Then Rainwater himself, Gil Birmingham, joins Jen and Jefferson to discuss the uneasy alignment between Rainwater and John Dutton around the fact that the land is the life force for all humanity. He also gets personal and shares his acting process including how he based his character on interactions with the Chairman of his own tribe. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit