Ridley Jones: Dino-Night Rescue

Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr.

02-03-2022 • 14 mins

Dante has misplaced his stuffy and he can’t fall asleep without it. Ridley and Dudley help Dante explore the museum to find his favorite toy, and get cozy before bedtime. Themes include: Downregulating from high energy to low energy, working together as a team, help and comfort from friends.  Follow @NetflixFamily on social and Netflix Jr. on YouTube. And go to NetflixJr.com to learn more and sign up for our free magazine for kids ages 2-5! Cast Ridley Jones: Iara Nemirovsky Dante: Tyler Shamy Dudley: David Errigo Jr. Mummy Guard: David Errigo Jr. Crew Produced by Spoke Media for Netflix Jr. Child Development Consultant: Dr. Tina Bryson Writer: Jennifer Bardekoff Director: Hannah Cope and Caroline Hamilton Showrunner: Hannah Cope Executive Producers: Keith Reynolds, Alia Tavakolian, Janielle Kastner Producer: Caroline Hamilton Associate Producer: Reyes Mendoza Coordinating Producer: Aleisha Force Mix and Sound Design: Evan Arnett Studio Teacher: Chelsea Northrop