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Brains On presents Forever Ago®, a history show for the whole family! Every episode looks into the surprising and fascinating history of things we think are ordinary, but they’re not -- like ice cream flavors, video games, baths and more. We make learning about the past fun while teaching listeners to think critically about history. read less
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Gobble Gobble! What’s the real history of Thanksgiving?
Gobble Gobble! What’s the real history of Thanksgiving?
In this episode, we examine the real history behind one of the most celebrated holidays: Thanksgiving. It’s a pretty big deal in the U.S., with all the food and big gatherings and special traditions. But why do we celebrate Thanksgiving like we do?Join Joy and co-host Asa as they explore the history of Thanksgiving. Did the Pilgrims and Native Americans actually sit down for dinner together? Why do we eat turkey? And why do many Native Americans consider Thanksgiving a Day of Mourning? All that, plus a new First Things First featuring cranberry sauce, presidential turkey pardons and the first Thanksgiving day parade.Read more about the history of Thanksgiving from Native Knowledge 360° here: project from the National Museum of the American Indian provides educational resources based on the experiences and voices of Native Americans.This episode was sponsored by:IXL (IXL.COM/FIELDTRIP) To get a 20% off an IXL membership.Factor ( Code forever50 to get 50% off.Disney ( Only in theaters November 22, tickets available now. Rated PG, parental guidance suggestedDo you have your Smarty Pass yet?? Get yours today for just $4/month (or $36/year) and get bonus episodes every month, and ad-free versions of every episode of Brains On, Smash Boom Best, Moment of Um, and Forever Ago. Visit to get your Smarty Pass today!