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Brains On!® is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Each week, a different kid co-host joins Molly Bloom to find answers to fascinating questions about the world sent in by listeners. Like, do dogs know they’re dogs? Or, why do feet stink? Plus, we have mystery sounds for you to guess, songs for you to dance to, and lots of facts -- all checked by experts. read less

How do birds communicate?
How do birds communicate?
Chirp chirp, y’all! Ever wondered what birds mean when they’re singing their little birdy hearts out? This week, Molly and cohost Bessie explore the kinds of sounds birds can make, and how those sounds are used. Birdsong researcher Kristin Brunk breaks down some sweet tweet science, and we learn how human noise has affected our feathery friends. Plus, a groovy new Mystery Sound! This episode was sponsored by: Liquid I.V. ( - Use code BRAINS at checkout to receive 20% off anything you order when you order.)Buy A Toyota ( - Explore Toyota SUVs.)Indeed ( - To claim your ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR SPONSORED JOB CREDIT to upgrade your job post. Terms and conditions apply.) Bird sounds in this episode came from Xeno-Canto: Emily Brhel, XC760144. Accessible at Manuel Grosselet, XC663795. Accessible at Elias A. Ryberg, XC791170. Accessible at Tseng, XC749764. Accessible at Sunny Tseng, XC753147. Accessible at Wigh, XC573211. Accessible at Russ Wigh, XC692169. Accessible at *****Do you have your Smarty Pass yet?? Get yours today for just $4/month (or $36/year) and get bonus episodes every month, and ad-free versions of every episode of Brains On, Smash Boom Best, Moment of Um, and Forever Ago. Visit to get your Smarty Pass today!