EP. 18 How ready are you for your dreams to come true ? [self-awareness]

The Borealis Experience

10-06-2023 • 13 mins

Today's episode is all about your readiness to commit.

How ready are you to commit to your dreams coming true?

Did you ever experience this? You have a dream or goal after some time you reach it and then you figure out. This is not what you wanted, I'm not ready, this feels odd.

THis happens

  1. when you don't know who you are and what you want.
  2. when you did not focus on your readiness

What can you do about it ?

FInd out what you want by getting to know who you truly are on the inside.

With much love


  • Personal growth and support. 0:02
  • Aurora welcomes listeners, shares personal struggles, and offers support for growth and expansion.
  • Commitment and resistance to change. 1:41
  • Willingness to commit is crucial for anchoring oneself and reaching goals, despite a desire for freedom and independence.
  • Self-discovery and beliefs hindering relationship success. 3:34
  • Coach encourages frustrated single woman in her 50s to explore self-discovery before seeking dream partner.
  • Childhood beliefs of unworthiness hinder self-discovery and relationships.
  • Prioritizing self-discovery in relationships. 7:11
  • Speaker 1 emphasizes the importance of self-discovery before seeking a romantic partner.
  • Readiness for dreams and aspirations. 8:52
  • Unfulfilled dreams can be messed up due to unprepared nervous system.
  • Speaker emphasizes the importance of readiness for achieving dreams and desires, both in terms of positive outcomes and potential setbacks.
  • Speaker encourages listeners to work on their readiness and reach out for support, while also offering personalized coaching and relaxation classes.

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