Ep. 26 Expressing your needs in a mature way [relationships]

The Borealis Experience

14-09-2023 • 12 mins

Expressing your needs in a mature way is an essential skill for effective communication and maintaining healthy relationships.

Before you can express your needs, you must be aware of what they are. Take time to reflect on your feelings and identify your needs. Are you seeking emotional support, understanding, help with a task, or something else?

Remember that mature communication is a skill that can be developed with practice. It's about fostering understanding and collaboration rather than conflict and blame. By expressing your needs in a mature way, you can enhance your relationships and create a more positive and respectful communication environment.

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  • Self-awareness, needs, and personal growth. 1:00
  • Unlocking potential through self-awareness and meeting needs leads to happiness and positive impact.
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence in relationships. 3:46
  • Identify values and needs to navigate life purposefully, avoiding aimless experiences and toxic relationships.
  • Understanding your values and needs is key to a fulfilling life.
  • Childhood experiences shaping adult needs and communication. 7:34
  • Childhood experiences shape adult needs, even if not consciously recognized.
  • Expressing needs in relationships. 10:24
  • Speaker emphasizes importance of identifying and expressing needs in relationships.

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