EP.15 External and Internal Triggers [self-awareness]

The Borealis Experience

03-05-2023 • 11 mins

Hello there dear friend,

What is the difference between external and internal triggers ?

All too often we blame the external world for our triggers and we feel righteous about it because we can physically point the finger at the person or the something that has triggered us.

We know that triggers are somewhat inevitable. How can we become more conscious of our triggers and be/feel less agitated and more grounded and content in our life?


  • Intro and welcome. 0:02
  • Welcome to the borealis experience.
  • Today's topic, triggers, and why podcasting is therapeutic.
  • Internal triggers vs external triggers. 2:14
  • The difference between internal and external triggers.
  • An example of an external trigger.
  • What is triggered by the jokes? 3:22
  • The one person who feels triggered at a family dinner.
  • How one person feels triggered.
  • Know yourself and your triggers. 5:25
  • Why it's important to know yourself and your triggers.
  • How triggers are never going to stop.
  • You’re never going to change people around you. 7:45
  • You are never going to change the people around you.
  • You have to heal yourself.
  • How can you change your mindset? 9:31
  • What happened inside of you and what happened outside of you.
  • Aurora eggert coaching

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