Ep. 19 Stress is for free they say. Do you create your own stress ?

The Borealis Experience

22-06-2023 • 15 mins

Hello there beautiful and handsome

THis is a weird thing to grasp or think about. Are you a person who is addicted to drama, stress and chaos ?

First people reject this idea but then upon learning more about the nervous system and the addiction to stress, some of us clue in the we 'might' have a tendency to attract stress.

Let's dive a little deeper and see what we can learn and do about this together.

With much love


  • Relaxation and stress management on Summer Solstice. 0:03
  • Aurora offers relaxation and stress relief coaching on Summer Solstice.
  • Self-inflicted stress and its origins in childhood. 1:17
  • Speaker reflects on the obstacles we create for ourselves and others, citing research showing 50% of stress is self-inflicted.
  • Children of tense households may unconsciously seek out stressful situations as a source of comfort.
  • People-pleasing, stress, and self-awareness. 4:32
  • Organized people-pleasers may struggle with addiction to stress due to childhood conditioning.
  • Setting boundaries and self-care. 7:25
  • Reflect on life organization, boundaries, and self-care to avoid burnout and maintain well-being.
  • Speaker 1 warns of avoiding uncomfortable conversations, leading to resentment and inauthentic relationships.
  • Managing stress and toxic relationships. 11:09
  • Practice mindfulness by taking two minutes each day to focus on your body and emotions.
  • Seeking mentorship, coaching, or therapy to overcome burnout and toxic relationships.

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