EP.20 Embracing all emotions without judgement [self-acceptance]

The Borealis Experience

09-07-2023 • 18 mins

Hello there and welcome to a new episode.

Human emotions are complex and diverse, ranging from joy and love to sadness and anger. It is essential to recognize that all emotions serve a purpose and contribute to our overall well-being.

In this episode we explore the importance of allowing all emotions to surface, acknowledging their presence, and embracing them without judgment. By cultivating emotional freedom, we can experience greater self-awareness, authentic connections, and a more fulfilling and balanced life.

With much love


  • Emotional expression and healing. 0:00
  • Aurora encourages listeners to embrace all emotions, rather than suppressing or judging them.
  • Research suggests that suppressing emotions can lead to physical sickness.
  • Suppressing emotions at social events. 3:30
  • Man struggles to suppress feelings for ex at party, leading to dissonance.
  • Speaker finds relief in expressing suppressed feelings to ex, no longer feeling awkward or constrained.
  • Emotional triggers and healing. 7:02
  • Triggers and emotional responses in digital communication.
  • The speaker recognizes that their emotional reactions are tied to an old story, rather than a current situation.
  • Emotional healing and triggers. 11:06
  • Identify and heal old wounds to resolve present-moment emotional reactivity.
  • Emotional healing and self-awareness. 13:53
  • Speaker 1 emphasizes the importance of regulating one's own emotions and being emotionally attuned to oneself and others for deeper connection and enjoyment of life.
  • Speaker 1: Sharing emotions with others can release tension and liberate the soul.

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