S04E16 - Transplanting Hope: Tanis Mitchell's Story of Faith and Resilience

From Darkness to Life

08-02-2024 • 58 mins

In this episode, Ryan engages in a conversation with Tanis Mitchell, a certified life coach and a resilient "medical mom." Tanis unfolds her compelling journey of becoming a mother to three children, particularly recounting the poignant moments surrounding her daughter Lukah's survival after a rare multiple organ transplant. Throughout the discussion, Tanis delves into the profound impact of her role as a medical mama on her perspective towards life. She shares insights into the transformative power of grief and acceptance, shedding light on how she assists other families in navigating the complexities of illness.

Tanis opens up about the challenges she faced and how her experiences led her to discover hope amidst heartache. She emphasizes the significance of faith, community support, and self-care in finding solace during difficult times.

To explore more about Tanis and her impactful work, visit hopeandstonescoaching.com and her Instagram page @tanismitchell.