The Genesis of the 3DO

Memories of 3DO

20-11-2021 • 2 mins

In the early 90's, console gaming was at its 16 bit peak. Both SEGA's Genesis and the Super Nintendo owned the marketplace, while other systems like the Neo-Geo offered alternatives for the hardcore gamer. But the industry was changing. While these consoles were hugely successful, they still ran on cartridges, and this limited what the consoles could do. CD-Rom was also making inroads, with systems like the CD-i from Philips and Sony showing what could be done with the disc format. I'll never forget playing the Palm Springs Open golf game and thinking, wow, this is the future. Despite being co-developed with Sony, though, the CD-i never really took off, hampered by a slow processor and an expensive price tag. With the next generation of consoles from SEGA and Nintendo still a way off, there was a gap for a new machine to go up against the Super Nintendo and Genesis, and lead the charge for the CD revolution. Enter the 3DO. In the first episode of Memories of 3DO, learn about the gaming legends behind the system, and how a new challenger to SEGA and Nintendo's dominance came from the unlikeliest of sources. Get involved: (Support the show) (Follow Danny on Twitter) My equipment: (Electro-Voice RE320) (Motu M2 Audio Interface) (Denon DJ HP-1100 Over Ear Headphones) (Podcast Pro Boom Arm by Accu-Lite and O.C. White) Recommended resources: ( (Aweber email marketing) (RiversideFM remote interviewing) (My Podcast Reviews) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podtrac -