Rubik’s Cube: The twists and turns of fads

Forever Ago

08-06-2022 • 28 mins

The Rubik’s Cube is a twisty toy that has 43 quintillion possible configurations — and it can also teach us something about trends and fads. Joy and this week’s co-host Buddy are visited by Rocky, of long lost Pet Rock fame, who wonders why it isn’t still popular. Listen as they all explore the ups and downs of the Rubik’s Cube and spot the differneces. Find out who invented the Rubik’s Cube, how it’s popularity died out and why it’s back in a big way now.

We’ll also learn about other trends like the flagpole sitting and goldfish eating (really!), and how fads and fashions come and go. Plus, there’s a new First Things First with Legos, slime and crossword puzzles. Which do you think came first (no peeking)?

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