Ep-21 East & West Coast Gardening in June/July - All in With Summer Crops and Managing the Heat: Gardening Coast2Coast

The Rusted Garden Homestead: All About Growing, Cooking & Sharing Food

15-06-2022 • 49 mins

Come June/July soil temperatures rise creating the right condition for summer crops to really take off and start thriving.  Even the warm crops can get over heated and slow production. We discuss how heat effect garden plants and some ways to manage it. Here's a bit on the event we will be at as discussed in this cast...

Join Kim and me in celebrating Freetown Farm's 3rd Birthday.  Visit us at Freetown Farm in Columbia Maryland on June 25th. You can register below  for the morning or afternoon Meet & Greet and 'Garden Talk'.  There will also be time for us to sign books and walk the farm.

It is a small ticketed event and there are 10 tickets left. This link is secure and set up for Freetown Farm events: https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTUyNjg4

Gary and CaliKim answer your  questions on any gardening topic. We will do a monthly Listener Q & A podcast episode, taking questions sent to us through https://gardeningcoast2coast.net or gardeningcoast2coast@gmail.com.



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Question cover seed starting, using wood ash, fertilizer ratings, overwintering eggplant and many more.

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We will do a monthly Listener Q & A podcast episode, taking questions sent to us through https://gardeningcoast2coast.netor gardeningcoast2coast@gmail.com

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