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What Game WON'T Make Game Of The Year Top 10? - Kinda Funny Gamescast
What Game WON'T Make Game Of The Year Top 10? - Kinda Funny Gamescast
Tim and Greg have a nice one-on-one wine date. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:05:00 - Fighting game question 00:30:30 - Do you feel like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have lived up to the promise of next gen? - Klein Felt 00:35:30 - As someone who is excited for Starfield but really hasn’t played any Bethesda game, what should I be playing right now to prepare? - Spencer Oswalt 00:36:26 - Ad 00:41:40 - Is Final Fantasy XVI the best Game of Thrones game we could've ever wanted? - DJRhys 00:43:17 - My husband and I placed a pizza bet today. (Final Fantasy 7 spoilers) I think FF7: Rebirth will end when Sephiroth kills Aerith. He thinks that no one will die or possibly a different party member instead, since the vast majority of people playing the game expect Aerith to die and might be adjusting their play style to account for that. What are your thoughts? - Chelsea 00:45:16 - In honor of Torgal, what do you think the BEST animal companions in the history of gaming are? - Hailey 00:45:50 - I haven't heard the Bois talk too much about the lack of RPG elements in FFXVI. I know everyone has been loving it but do you think at the end of the day it will rank low on the best of all time Final Fantasy rankings because of this?- Brewer Jack 00:54:14 - What is the ideal gamer session environment? - Barblehurgy 01:03:22 - It’s the end of the year and Barrett tells you a game no one expected somehow made it into the Kinda Funny top 10. What’s your guess for what that game is? - Michael M 01:12:28 - Is it time Xbox and PlayStation focus on developing a true handheld instead of the expected mid-cycle “Pro” models? - Liam 01:21:29 - Why not just get a backbone? - Cameron Kennedy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit