Dusk Raps appears on the DOD45 Show for a chat with ArtByTai - *Full Episode 42

The DOD45 Show

31-12-2022 • 1 hr 36 mins

On this episode of the DOD45 show, episode 42, ArtByTai & Adrienne have a chat with Dusk Raps, while Tai sketches him a Gorilla holding Cheech Wizard.

They discuss Dusk's upcoming solo art show at Lost Acorn Gallery and the sub-culture scene in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dusk discusses how he got into music, how he curated his own artistic style and they also talk about playing shows in venues with large crowds and no crowds.

Tai mentions some of his favorite Dusks songs and they have also get into a discussion about the different iterations of Utah's hip hop shop going from BP Productions, to Funksion, to Uprok.

It's a well-rounded discussion which includes a variety of subjects including some chat about Apocalypse Now and even Ryan Phillippe's name gets dropped.

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