Greg "Craola" Simkins speaks with ArtByTai on The DOD45 Show - *Full Episode 57

The DOD45 Show

18-04-2023 • 1 hr 48 mins

ArtByTai draws a rabbit-themed piece for rabbit appreciator & artist phenom Greg "Craola" Simkins. Dare I say it, yes I do, It simply doesn't get any better than this. On this episode of the DOD45 show we are pleasantly treated with the presence of Greg "Craola" Simkins & we explore all things Craola, including the short film "I'm Scared" based on Craola's characters and stories and some acrylic painting tips. But the burning question we have for him is, Is Oswald a mouse or is Mickey a rabbit? Craola confidently says he's a rabbit, but we suggest that's debatable. And hey, d'ya ever wonder how to get an artist to honestly discuss their artworks? ...well, we spend a moment pointing some things that you probably definitely shouldn't say, if you want an honest answer from the artist your talking to. Or maybe ya don't care at all, so maybe you should be the one doing the "art"ing. Craola is a human/artist that really doesn't need an introduction or any additional accredited boosting from us, so lemme just tell ya some random things that do come up in this conversation. Greg the Hammer Valentine, A Simple Plan, Talk Soup, The Lion King, Hieronymus Bosch, Frank the Rabbit, Can't Be Stopped, Tony Hawk, JNCO jeans, Burl Ives, My Bloody Valentine, Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton, Baseball cards, Mad Magazine, Garbage Pail Kids, Bob Dob, Juxtapoz, the Deviates, Zelda, Jughead, DND, Stan Lee & one of Craola's best pals Alex Pardee. It's Craola so we obviously talk about art & his artwork, but if you have an inkling of intrigue in hearing Craola speak on the previous topics, then put the car in park, cool the radiator, bury your burner phone, slip into something more comfortable & ease your soul with this episode of the DOD45 Show with Greg "Craola" Simkins.

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