DJ Abilities visits with ArtByTai on The DOD45 Show - *Full Episode 56

The DOD45 Show

06-04-2023 • 2 hrs 24 mins

@ArtByTai draws a cyber-punk Max from Where the Wild Things Are themed piece while he & Adrienne have a chat with DJ Abilities. @djabilities2976 . On this episode of the DOD45 show, we’re graced with the presence of the one and only #DJAbilities aka Max! It’s been over 13 years since the untimely passing of #Eyedea and DJ Abilities has fielded every possible question that could be garnered in that time frame, so we choose to go a different route with our discussion by diving into topics ranging from #AliceInChains’ fabulous #JarOfFlies album to our guilty pleasure TV shows. We also get to hear about Max’s recent solo album, #PhonographPhoenix which leads into a brief discussion about #JordanKlepper, a high ranking DJ Abilities fan who is also probably currently neck deep in craziness with all that’s goin’ on in the New City of York. The always intriguing & fellow #1200Hobos member, @mrfuckingdibbs briefly joins us, in recovery from a hot-oil accident brought on by misunderstanding Max’s hot yoga instructions and he provides us with a handful of "True or False" questions regarding on-tour slap boxing shenanigans between himself, Eyedea & Abilities and how hip-hop mosh-pits became a thing, And @therealsagefrancis drops in to lurk Max’s Twitter feed, focussing on a tweet from 2016 about air travel & the weirdos he’s encountered. There’s so much more discussed, like #Nas' #Illmatic, #Transhumanism, #Nirvana, burning nag champa, long-hair living, mask-wearing as a performer, living a mantra in the likes of Marcus Aurelius' #stoicism and Max’s recent appreciation for #TechHouse and #BassHouse music. You've been a fan of DJ Abilities forever now, but you've never heard him in a conversation like this. That's what the #DOD45 show is here for. To provide you with interesting discussions with some of your favorite creatives. So pull out your dentures, wash out your stomach folds, slide the cat over for a spot on the sofa & enjoy!

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