Jeffrey "Jel" Logan guests on DOD45 with ArtByTai - *Full Episode (Ep 39)

The DOD45 Show

08-12-2022 • 1 hr 51 mins

On this episode of the DOD45 show, episode 39, Tai & Adrienne have the honor of being a podcast first for producer, rapper, beat maker, sampler, & Anticon legend, Jeffrey “Jel” Logan to discuss many things including his Glass Cutters vinyl release on AudioRecon Records while Tai draws Jel a picture of his dog "Boots".

They have plenty of discussion about music, including Jel working with vintage SP-1200s, his process collaborating with rappers and they a briefly touch on the golden era of Underground Hip-Hop & Anticon Records at it's peak.

They have some banter regarding Jeff Goldblum, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and share their appreciations for the city of Minneapolis. Jel wonders when Jeff Dunham will come out as a serial killer, some artist publishing rights discussion and Jel shares some recent things he's learned including cannibas cloning.

They get a surprise visit from somebody claiming to be the "Real Jel", they have some conversation about his involvement with the Dose One A7PHA II album and they get a pleasing announcement about an upcoming Themselves project and potentially even a new 13 & God release. Both would be fantastic!

They cover a lot of ground on this episode and even have a very brief chat about Ye, but not too much, to waste one's breath so instead we rehash on the Milli Vanilli scandal. There's some discussion about the 1980s character Max Headroom and many other random topics. Enjoy!

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