The dopest Skate Park ever, Sk8 Liborius Church on The DOD45 Show with ArtByTai - *Full Episode 47

The DOD45 Show

02-02-2023 • 1 hr 34 mins

On this episode of the DOD45, @ArtByTai & Adrienne have the absolute pleasure of chatting it up with Bryan Bedwell & David Blum about @sk8liborius325 church in St Louis, MO.   An 1800s church turned underground skate park & punk show/rave venue, that is now in the transitional stages of legitimizing it's operations, Sk8 Liborius is raising funds to finalize the rebuild project and making it a community center for St. Louis & inner city youth. The catch, to complete the project it may take $1 - $4 million to complete.  You can help fund the project by making a donation of any size to  The importance of spaces like this are beyond words. Just do the world a favor and send some coin their way.  And to you Miss MacKenzie Scott (formerly Bezos), your huge charitable donations to spaces like SpyHop in Salt Lake City, UT & others around the country have not gone unnoticed, but ArtByTai, DOD45, the city of St. Louis, Sk8 Liborius and so many others are reaching out to you now to consider helping give life to this project. (It's worth a shot)

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