The Road to Online Retail - Episode 2: Understanding shopper needs in the online retail world.

The Road to Online Retail

16-05-2020 • 38 mins

According to international retail and sales marketing expert, Kevin Moore, we're now entering the second age of online retail, but what does Kevin mean by the second age? Well, basically, it's the accelerated migration of shoppers to digital retailing of all goods and services.

So if you're a retailer, either with a physical and/or an online presence, are you actually ready for this second age? And what can you do to prepare? Well, a great starting point is to understand the shopper needs, and that's what this episode is about.

In this episode, Kevin explains the four steps that both physical and digital retailers need to go through to ensure they meet the needs of their shoppers and provide them with a memorable shopper experience. Listen on...

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