The Road to Online Retail - Episode 1: The Second Age of Online Retail

The Road to Online Retail

12-05-2020 • 40 mins

Are you ready for the second age of online retail?

And what is the second age of online retail?

According to international retail and sales marketing expert, Kevin Moore, it's the accelerated migration of shoppers to digital retailing of all goods and services.

In this episode, Kevin explains how now, more than ever before, it is vital for anyone involved in retail to understand the opportunities and pitfalls of the online retail environment.

But how do you make your online store stand out from the crowd? How do you engage your shoppers, make them stay longer and buy more? How do you bring your real-world retail experience online?

Standing out from the crowd is something most online retailers haven't mastered yet. But those that have are reaping the rewards.

As a shopper marketing expert, Kevin believes that there are a number of ways that online retailers can adopt techniques used in physical retail to enhance the shopper experience into their online offering.

So why listen to Kevin? Because he is passionate about helping small and medium retailers make the transition to the online retailing world. In this podcast, he'll share some of his first-hand experiences in applying these techniques to real-world online retailers where the results have helped them become stand-out successes. For instance, in this podcast, Kevin starts to share some of his experiences as part of the team who have phoenixed the Toys R Us brand back into the Australian and New Zealand markets as a pure online play. It's a fascinating story.

With over 30 years of experience working with global and local brands in both the physical and digital retail world, Kevin's insights are unique. So, listen on...

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