The Road to Online Retail - Episode 6: Part 2 of How to Raise Awareness to grow your online business.

The Road to Online Retail

03-08-2020 • 38 mins

If you're interested in growing awareness of your online business so that you can grow your turnover, then this episode is for you.  In this podcast, we talk further with our special guest, digital marketing expert Miranda Bond as she focuses on the final three points of her Five Pointed Star digital marketing strategy that she uses to help raise awareness and grow the businesses of her eCommerce clients.

The three points covered in this episode are: electronic direct marketing, conversion optimisation and retargeting. These are strategies that every e-commerce business owner needs to be aware of as, if implemented properly, can help significantly grow a business.

Miranda's tips are easy to understand but, most importantly, extremely practical so that at the end of the podcast, you'll know how to move forward with ways to help you grow awareness of your online business.

Also, in this episode, international shopper experience expert, Kevin Moore, shares his insights into the rapid growth of e-commerce around the world and how it's reshaping physical retail and the future of physical retailing. He also has some very salient statistics for anyone who has built their e-commerce business on platforms such as Shopify. And an approach to help you stand out from the crowd!

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