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Jimmy Etheredge (CEO – North America, Accenture) and Emmanuel Acho (FS1 Sports Analyst, former NFL Linebacker, and NYT Bestselling Author & Host, "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man"), co-host Change Conversations. This podcast is about navigating business and life during a time of great technological and cultural upheaval, while creating a more equitable workplace – and a better world. Now, more than ever, business and community leaders are well-positioned to drive important and lasting change, creating a movement, not just a moment. Etheredge is committed to accelerating equality for all and showing businesses and people how to use their platforms and privilege to drive profound and purposeful change. He’s inspired by how Emmanuel is helping our country confront racism through his popular YouTube show and book, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. In Change Conversations, Jimmy and Emmanuel have unfiltered conversations with inspiring guests who are purpose-driven leaders, challenging us to step up, think differently, and make the kind of change that really matters – change to shape a more equitable future. read less

Can you be your authentic self at work? (Episode 12)
Can you be your authentic self at work? (Episode 12)
The workplace is an arena where authenticity and individuality have traditionally been snuffed out. Uniformity was prized over cultivating personal strengths, and appearing to have all the answers took precedence over lifelong learning. Today, more industry leaders are seeing the value in authenticity. Being your authentic self means you have an awareness of who you are and what you stand for, and you express yourself honestly and consistently to the world. Authentic leadership means leading with transparency and self-awareness, while processing differing viewpoints, and making ethical, purpose-driven decisions. Authentic leaders are open about their flaws, the motivation behind their decisions, and they create space where others feel comfortable doing the same. Accenture’s new research, Omni-connected experiences, reveals that just a small fraction of any team—your team—feels like they are getting what they need and truly connecting on a human level. Did you know there’s a gap in what people need for experiences and engagement and what leaders provide: 1 in 4 employees feel that their company cares about them.27% of employees feel like they truly belong and bring their authentic selves to the workplace. This needs to be looked at - when people feel highly connected to each other, their leaders and their work, their companies stand to gain a 7.4% revenue growth boost per year. Listen to learn the importance of authentic leaders, relationships, engagement and culture. Guest Bozoma St John, Hall of Fame Inducted Marketing Executive, Author, and Entrepreneur, Most Influential CMO in the World – Forbes, 2021. Former Global CMO Netflix