The Healing Power of Nature: Living in Deep Connection with Animals, Nature and the Land, with Kari Lesick

Animals & Us - Voices of a New Paradigm

01-12-2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

In our journey through life, we all seek solace, peace, and understanding, but oftentimes we overlook a place we can find these. Today's enriching episode takes us on an exploration of the often-untapped sources of tranquility and wisdom found in nature and animals. We weave through my personal stories and those of our guest, healer, counselor, and mentor, Kari Lesick.

Kari reveals a fascinating world where humans and animals communicate, sharing her diverse experiences from bonding with orangutans and elephants in Southeast Asia to practicing various healing modalities like body talk and hakomi. She shares how she's found comfort in nature during turbulent times, emphasizing the importance of creating moments to connect with nature's elements either physically or intuitively. We also discuss the importance of grounding ourselves through sensory exploration, using our imagination to connect with nature, and the role of sensory experiences in coping with loss, particularly the loss of a beloved animal companion.

As you listen, remember to slow down. Be present. Look for ways to connect with the natural world in your daily life. Our hope is that this conversation inspires you to see the beauty and interconnectedness of all life forms.

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You can also find her on Instagram @karilesick.