DID 43 - Shae Gemmell 2022 Announcement


28-01-2022 • 23 mins

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Our guest, Shae Gemmell joins Alex and Mark once again, to announce his plans for the upcoming 2022 race season.



🏁 Track Enterprises to create a National Super Late Model Tour?

🏁 Could there be a North American Super Late Model Champion in the future?

🏁 Alex and J.R. Fitzpatrick discussed the possibility of a Canadian National Late Model Tour last March on episode 9 of Drive'er In Deep

🏁 Supporting truck drivers everywhere.

🏁 Mark's a driver, not a racer :)

Shae Gemmell

🏁 Shae gets right to his 2022 announcement!

🏁 Shout out to North Country Property Maintenance for their support over the years.

🏁 How to pick one racing series over another?

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Website: https://www.gemmellracing.com/

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