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Garden Basics with Farmer Fred

24-03-2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Last September, in Episode 226, we presented 10 of the best quick tips for a successful garden.  In this episode,  we have 10 More Garden Quick Tips. We talk about:

• Creating a front yard container garden that would be sure to slow down cars and walkers, using only three plants, that you could do now, in March or April. (at 3:02 of the podcast)

• Is there a cheaper way to make seed starting mix. Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms tomato fame, says, yes there is. (6:26)

• Do you raise chickens? How do you store the eggs? Where do you store the eggs? What precautions should you take after bring those eggs indoors? Good tips from urban chicken consultant and certified poultry inspector Cherie-Sintes Glover. (8:59)

• Taking pictures of bugs you find in the garden can be a difficult task. Retired entomologist, master rosarian and ace photographer Baldo Villegas has some easy to follow advice to help you create a shot of a bug that makes it easier to identify. (17:09)

• Small apples are all the rage, perfect for putting in a lunchbox. But what’s a good one to grow? Tom Spellman of Dave Wilson has some ideas on that. (26:37)

• Master Garden Pam Bone is in love with a certain peach variety. And you could be growing one, too. (29:19)

• Thinking you’re going to chase away turkeys or deer or skunks or rats or ants or just about any other pest form your yard, house or garden by using sound devices, shiny devices or an impulse sprinkler? Debbie Flower says, think about habituation. (33:21)

• The Brown Thumb Mama, Pam Farley talks about  turning one strawberry plant into many. And it’s easy.  (40:27)

• Canadian garden writer Robert Pavlis shares his secrets for creating a successful garden by implementing the cut and drop method. He has the details. (43:46)

• And finally, try growing popcorn this summer. I think you will like the results. I know you will like the taste.  Here's a step by step guide.  (51:46)

We’re podcasting from Barking Dog Studios here in the beautiful Abutilon Jungle in Suburban Purgatory. It’s the Garden Basics with Farmer Fred podcast, brought to you today by Smart Pots and Dave Wilson Nursery. Let’s go!

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Pictured: Hudson’s Golden Gem Apple

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