Episode 2 - Chris Reimer of NXS

The Drive Team: A VEX Robotics Podcast

09-11-2022 • 18 mins

Chris Reimer is a long time Vex Robotics competitor. Having competed on teams 3553B and 386E starting in 2013, he is now on VexU team NXS. Hear about Chris’ journey, experiences, and tips in this episode of The Drive Team.

Interested in the VEX Robotics Competition? Want to hear from fellow competitors and mentors? Excited about this season's game? Join Winston and Ev as they interview members of the VRC community, analyze competitions, and discuss game strategies. Each episode will host a special guest to talk about their journey in robotics, as well as some tips and tricks in the world of VEX Robotics. Tune in every two weeks!

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