S14E24 - "Nobody Goes There Anymore" – Scary Stories Told in the Dark

Otis Jiry's Scary Stories Told in the Dark: A Horror Anthology Series

07-04-2024 • 1 hr 14 mins

Featured Authors: Nicky Exposito and Dominic Eagle. The dead come back for the living in these two ghostly tales for the Season 14 finale. In one, an accountant investigates the new job of his co-worker, leading him to a place he never wanted to see. In the next, the reveal of a young boy's murderous ancestors leads a bully to do something very ill-advised...though not in the way he predicted. Start the Good Habit at https://www.tryfum.com/DARK to save 10% off the Journey Pack today. To watch the podcast on YouTube: http://bit.ly/ChillingEntertainmentYT Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you're listening or by using this link: http://bit.ly/ScaryStoriesPodcast If you like the show, telling a friend about it would be amazing! You can text, email, Tweet, or send this link to a friend: http://bit.ly/ScaryStoriesPodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices