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A multiple story, horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popular YouTube channel of the same name. The show stars voice actor Erik Peabody, and the hand-picked work of dozens of accomplished independent and previously-published contributing authors. For advertising opportunities please email: PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com   We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4  Privacy Policy:  https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy read less

S8E15 - "The Familiar Spiral" - Horror Hill
S8E15 - "The Familiar Spiral" - Horror Hill
Good evening, listeners, and welcome back to Horror Hill. I’m your host, Erik Peabody, and we’ve got a double-feature for you tonight, both of them looking at the dynamics of romantic relationships from two very different angles.We’ll be starting with quick little chiller called “A Familiar Voice,” by NM Brown. Austin and Liamare a newly-retired couple, who have decided to spice up their lives with a hiking trip in snowySri Lanka. When Liam mysteriously goes missing, his husband pulls together a search team to find him. Unfortunately, the oppressive elements are not the only danger they face. Following that, we’ll be diving into “The Downward Spiral,” by Richard C. Morgan. In this story, our narrator, Alec, is in the crosshairs of his vindictive soon-to-be-ex wife, Caroline. As Caroline systematically destroys Alec’s life, he’s forced to find new work wherever he can. Unfortunately for him, the only place that’s hiring is the “Paranormal Pork Broadcasting and Weiner Lounge.”Greasy hotdogs and supernatural occurrences are the daily specials, and Alec finds himself struggling to hold onto his sanity while he fights to get his life back. To watch the podcast on YouTube: http://bit.ly/ChillingEntertainmentYT Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you're listening or by using this link: https://bit.ly/HorrorHillPodcast If you like the show, telling a friend about it would be amazing! You can text, email, Tweet, or send this link to a friend: https://bit.ly/HorrorHillPodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices