Refocused Learning Leads to Innovative Robotics

Robotics for All Podcast by AV&R

13-07-2021 • 59 mins

In this 8th episode of Robotics for All Podcast by AV&R, Michael Muldoon host of our show, talks with Audrey Boucher-Genesse, Coordonnatrice académique du baccalauréat en génie robotique at the Université de Sherbrooke. They take a dive into the Université de Sherbrooke's innovative Robotics Engineering bachelor’s program which focuses on project-based learning.

In this conversation, we are joined by David Mailhot, our Director Robotic Finishing Development and together with Audrey we have the behind the scenes look into their unique approach to teaching robotics and raising the next generation of roboticists. The result is a group of students with a portfolio of innovative projects and unique skills! Audrey walks us through a few very impressive examples as we hear what it is like to study robotics in 2021.

To learn more about Audrey Boucher-Genesse and the Robotics Engineering bachelor’s program:


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