The Disruptive Nature of 3D Printing & Robotics

Robotics for All Podcast by AV&R

16-02-2021 • 54 mins

In this 2nd episode of Robotics for All Podcast by AV&R, Michael Muldoon host of our show, with Bryan Germann from Optomec, take a dive into 3D printing and robotics as they explore together a couple European Commission reports and the predictions and obstacles inside of them.

It is interesting to have the perspective of an industry insider like Bryan who has brought forth several innovations in 3D printing and robotics.

For more information about the two reports mentioned in this episode:

The disruptive nature of 3D printing ➡️

Advanced Technologies for Industry – Product Watch 3D printing of hybrid components ➡️

Learn more about Bryan Germann & Optomec:




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