Robots Climbing the Stairway of Innovation

Robotics for All Podcast by AV&R

21-11-2022 • 1 hr 13 mins

In this new episode of Robotics for All Podcast by AV&R, Michael Muldoon, host of our show, speaks with Frank Naccarato, the founder and President of Quantum Robotic Systems Inc., a Toronto based robotics start-up specializing in stair-climbing devices that allow people to carry heavy items up and down stairs in an easier, faster, and safer way.

In this conversation, they talk about the latest news coming out of Toronto with the status of their ban on sidewalk robots, Frank’s approach to climbing stairs, and how he hopes this helps people overcome the barriers and hazards posed by stairs in their homes.

To learn more about Frank Naccarato and Quantum Robotic Systems: