How to use influencer marketing to grow your podcast

Podcast Creation and Marketing with Podmotion

09-09-2020 • 33 mins

Neal Shaffer has an in-depth understanding of influencer marketing.

He's been working in this area for years and has recently published The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand.

The Podcast Promotion and Production Podcast is lucky enough to have some time with Neal to discuss influencer marketing, and how to use influencer marketing to grow your podcast show.

Neal explores podcast marketing through the lens of influence. He points out something that's obvious but sometimes not realized by podcasters: The fact that you're a podcaster makes you an influencer.

From that starting point, hosting influential guests and being on other growing podcast shows are ways of growing your influence, and using influence marketing to grow your show. But you must research guests and ensure they're a good fit for your show. And you need to ensure the shows you appear on are a good fit for your own growing influence.

Neal discusses additional tactics to use a guest's influence or your growing influence to increase your your audience.

Neal is a digital and social media consultant, and author of three other books, in addition to The Age of Influence.

Resources mentioned in the show: The "other" podcast Neal talks about; the Podmotion Newsletter; Neal's August 27 episode - Why I'm Investing Time in Being Interviewed on 100 Different Podcasts;

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