#014 Making Crypto Simple to Use - Tanner P. - Head of Corp Dev, Code

The Kin Show with Tony Jacob

16-08-2022 • 52 mins

Tanner Philp is the Head of Operations and Corporate Development at Code. Code is a not-for-profit organization building a new crypto wallet with Kin. Tanner has been involved with Kin since its inception. Prior to Code, Tanner was at Kik Inc., who helped launch Kin, and helped drive the evolution of the technology stack that Kin runs on today, going from Ethereum, to Stellar, to the Kin Blockchain, to Solana.

In this conversation, we talk about Tanner’s start as an early employee at Kik, growing Kik to 500 million users, the spark behind Kik points and the genesis of Kin. We talk about his early conversations with the Solana team, the process of identifying Solana as a viable blockchain for Kin and his early perspective on the introduction of fees for Solana. We then spend some time talking about Code, their joining of the Blockchain Association and his work with in-app buy module partners. Finally, we talk about his perspective on Kin becoming money.

Relevant Links:

  • https://www.getcode.com/
  • https://twitter.com/getcode
  • https://tannerphilp.com/crypto/
  • https://www.coindesk.com/tech/2020/05/22/fed-up-with-its-fork-of-stellar-kin-is-looking-to-move-onto-solana/
  • https://forums.solana.com/t/solana-outage-perspective-from-a-developer/2871

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