#010 Matthew H. - Exec. Director, Kin Foundation

The Kin Show with Tony Jacob

02-12-2021 • 31 mins

Matthew Hannam is the executive director of the Kin Foundation, the non-profit dedicated to supporting the network of apps that integrate the Kin cryptocurrency. He has been with the Kin project since its initial launch, starting off as a community member, and now leading the day-to-day management of the Foundation with the support of its growing team. Matt has a background in law and finance.

In this conversation we talk about Matt’s background, his intro to crypto, and joining the Kin Foundation. We also talk about the concept of an in-app buy module for all Kin Ecosystem apps, compare real demand vs. speculative demand for Kin, the latest partnership with Ramp Network, and the Kin Foundation’s Solana rent adjustment proposal.

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