Surrender vs. Trust

No Halos Here

21-06-2022 • 16 mins

This week, in a solo episode, Jen tackles the concepts of surrender vs. trust. She unpacks what those words mean in her own life, how she has been applying them to her life and biz practices and looking at certain idiomatic phrases in English that use the words.

Phrases such as “surrender to the process” or “just trust” tend to over-simplify our relationship with these words.

But what does that really mean? And how can looking closely at your relationship with these words improve your life?


On the No Halos Here Podcast, we explore a wide range of topics broadly categorized as well-being. We encourage you to do your own research and make informed choices about your health and wellbeing. The information we provide is never a substitute for qualified advice specific to your individual needs. In listening, you take full responsibility for implementing any suggestions shared on the podcast and you agree to indemnify us completely against all consequences arising directly or indirectly from your choices.

About Jen and Jane

Jen Lang

Jen believes in the power and wisdom of women’s voices. She’s a guide for women who want to tune into and align their inner voice so their outer voice can shine; uniting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies into a powerful voice ready to share your message.

Jane Stark

Passionate about energetic alignment and living life from a place of personal power, Jane is a heart-centered leader, certified health and life coach, and marketing strategist.  She leads others to play bigger and feel lighter by helping them see and navigate their blocks and connect more deeply with themselves.

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