The Man Who Stood Up To Putin

The Power of One

15-11-2019 • 40 mins

It’s been a decade since Sergei Magnitsky was tortured and killed in a Moscow prison. In that time, his name has become synonymous with rule-of-law and international justice—even as those principles come under attack around the world. It is memorialized in the laws of six countries allowing for sanctions against human rights offenders.
How did Magnitksy, a mild-mannered tax lawyer, come to symbolize the values of a democratic world in which he didn’t live or work?
We explore the tragic but inspiring story of a man who exposed corruption and theft in Vladimir Putin’s Russia; who was urged to flee his homeland, yet stayed to make his case. Magnitsky believed in the possibility of a Russia—of a world—where justice and truth prevailed. His sacrifice did not go in vain.